27. March 2014

Crisp blue sky and a bit of snow. Just what I was hoping for for this beautiful winter wedding.
When we arrived at the venue – Jomfruens Egede – the sun was beaming in through the big windows in the bedroom where Denise was getting ready.
All was calm and organised. I had my second shooter Sharon Cooper with me and we were just walking around – doing what we do – recording memories and telling the story. The atmosphere was so loving and emotional – I hope it shines through the pictures.

04. January 2014

I have so been looking forward to sharing this wedding…

14. July 2013

When I spoke to Lisa & Mark before the wedding about their thoughts and wishes for the day – they hoped their day and the pictures would be full of love and chaos.
Here we go

19. June 2013

I am very happy to share this wedding with you.
Shot back in May. A lovely couple. A great location. Makes my job just a little bit easier.
Oh – and a lovely sunny day! Not to be taken for granted here in Scandinavia.

03. June 2013

I am very excited to share these pictures from Bjørg’s confirmation.

I met Bjørg down in the studio when my roomie Anja Elefteria made her dress and I thought it would be great to follow her on her big day. Confirmations are a big deal here in Denmark – and now I know why!
The priests have really found a way to connect with the young people and make them feel welcome in the Church. I am telling you – The service was so funny! We had the Priest doing a Harlem shake with the students on a big screen. There was a fantastic athmosphere. And super busy. A bit like photographing a wedding with 8 Bride and 7 Grooms.

Bjørg was super cool and easygoing and had no problem with me following her every step. It was a great day – lovely to be a part of.
Thank you:-)